4 Situations To Choose An Apartment Hotel Over A Traditional Hotel

21 September 2017
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Apartment hotels cover a wide range of accommodation ranging from a specific wing of a traditional hotel dedicated to long term rentals to individual units in a traditional apartment building. The diversity of apartment hotels make them a good choice for travelers with different needs, such as business travelers or families with small children. What most apartment hotels have in common is that they tend to offer more privacy than a traditional hotel and have more amenities such as a kitchen and lounge area within the apartment. If you are unsure if an apartment hotel is the right choice for you, then learn about some of the ideal situations for apartment hotels below. 

You Will Be Staying for a Long Time 

If you will be staying in town for more than a week, an apartment hotel will likely be a better choice than a traditional hotel. Not only do apartment hotels generally offer better long term rates than hotels, they also have amenities that you will make a long term stay more comfortable. For example, the ability to wind down in your own living room after a long day as opposed to using the hotel bar or feeling like you are cooped up in your bedroom. 

You Will Need to Entertain Guests 

If you are in town for a conference or to meet with a client who does not have traditional office space, you may want a private space to meet and discuss business. While meeting in a hotel room may be considered unprofessional, meeting or hosting a dinner in an apartment hotel is similar to inviting a colleague into your own home. You will also be able to entertain friends or family members if you are meeting up for a reunion or shared vacation. 

You Are Traveling With Children 

Children often need space and privacy to unwind after an exciting day of site-seeing and adventure. While you may be able to rent a suite or two connected rooms in a traditional hotel, renting out an apartment will give your children specific areas to play, to rest, and to sleep. This will help you keep your children on their schedule. Also, the more extensive kitchens in apartments will allow you to meet your children's nutritional needs at any time. 

Both traditional hotels and apartment hotels have benefits. However, there are some situations when an apartment hotel simply makes more sense. For more information, contact a local apartment rental company.