Three Key Components Of An Amazing Ladies Retreat

26 September 2017
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Ladies retreats are a great way to bring women together and give them a break from day-to-day to connect with people similar to themselves whether they are moms, step-moms, wives, or even going through divorce. Whatever the case, there is sure to be a connection between one another to give each other support that is needed. To help make this successful, consider these three key components to ensure an amazing experience is had:

A Beautiful Venue

First off, you want to book a beautiful hotel or lodge that has plenty of private space for women to enjoy each other's company along with a gorgeous view with a balcony connected to the rooms. You also want to be sure that all food and drinks are located right there in that location so no one has to go far. However, you also want to ensure that there are things to do away from the location, but within walking distance, such as shopping, a beach, lake, or other place where each person has the opportunity to have time to themselves. There should also be a common area where every woman in the group can gather together for activities or discussions. 

Have an Agenda

You want to be sure that there are activities for everyone to participate throughout the day, so be sure that you have this planned out way in advance. Check out the local area and events that are going on at the same time and plan to go out to these and explore. You also want to plan time for everyone to connect with one another in a group setting with catered food and coffee. This can simply be a time to eat and pray together in the morning or at night, but it's a great way to ensure that everyone is feeling connected and involved. 

Use Outside Resources

To help with planning further, talk with the hotel or lodge about what you can do to make the retreat even more special. Chances are, the professionals working here will have had retreats before and can give you a better idea of how to take full advantage of what they offer, as well as the local atmosphere. They can also address any issues involved with your current plans and how you can make it work better. 

With these three key components, you are much more likely to have an amazing ladies retreat everyone can enjoy. Just remember that there needs to be balance between alone time, group time, and time for everyone to spend with specific people they connect most with.