Tips For Your Autumn Visit To A Tennessee River Cabin

6 April 2021
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Autumn is a great time to vacation along the Tennessee River. Usually, by this time, the hottest weather has passed. Mosquitoes are not as much of an issue as they were in the summer. And at the same time, you don't have to worry about heating an ice-cold cabin or battling ice as you might later on in the winter. However, there are still some tips that will come in handy as you prepare for your autumn stay in a Tennessee River cabin.

Check the heat source.

In the autumn, you probably won't need the heat, but there may be nights when it's 50 degrees or so, making heat a really nice option. As such, you should check to see how the cabin you're thinking of renting is heated, and make sure you're comfortable with that option.

If you're confident that you can stoke a fire, then a cabin with a wood-burning stove is perfectly fine. You may only need to light a fire once or twice during your stay, after all. If the idea of lighting and maintaining a fire makes you nervous, then you may want to look for a cabin with a propane heater. Check whether the propane is provided so you can bring your own tank if needed. A 20-lb propane tank, which you can easily bring with you, should be large enough to heat a cabin for a few evenings in the mild fall temperatures.

Choose a cabin in a clearing.

Watching the leaves change color and fall to the ground is one of the best things about Tennessee vacations in the autumn. However, you really don't want to choose a cabin that's directly in the forest. One that's in a clearing but 100-200 feet from the trees is ideal. This way, you can admire the leaves, but there should not be as many of them right up against the cabin. Fallen leaves harbor snakes and spiders in Tennessee, and you don't want snakes or spiders at the front door.

Plan some out-of-the-water activities.

Some kayak and whitewater rafting companies still operate tours in the fall. And the Tennessee River is still teeming with fish in the autumn, so you should be able to fish. However, you will still want to plan a few activities that don't take place on the water. This way, if it is extra cold during your stay, which can happen sometimes in the fall, you'll still have a way to stay entertained without getting too wet. Hiking, birdwatching, and visiting small towns are all fun things to do in the Tennessee River area in the fall.

Autumn is a lovely season to stay in a cabin on the Tennessee River. With the tips above, you will have an amazing, comfortable time.

To learn more about your Tennessee River cabin vacation options, contact a rental agency.