Suffer From Environmental Sensitivities? Take This Approach When Booking A Hotel

26 September 2017
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If you suffer from allergic sensitivities that relate to the environment in which you're in, you likely go to considerable lengths to ensure that your home doesn't affect you. As such, it's understandable that you may be concerned about your accommodations when you're getting ready for a trip. If you plan to stay at a hotel, it's worthwhile to carefully consider several things in advance of your stay. Before you book, simply call the hotel you wish to visit, explain the situation, and go over these details with the front desk clerk. Here are some things to consider.

Fresh Air

Allowing a hotel room to smell fresher by opening the window can be effective if you suffer from environmental allergies. For example, if the hotel guest who stayed in the room before you wore a heavy amount of perfume, the room might be unpleasant for you and make you begin to sneeze. However, if the window can be opened prior to your arrival, any smells will dissipate and be better for you. When you book the hotel, ensure that the windows in the guestrooms will open; in some cases, you may even wish to upgrade to a room with a balcony for greater air flow.

Cleaning Products

Before checking in, guests count on their hotel room being cleaned thoroughly. However, some people are sensitive to certain cleaning products, and the last thing you want upon arriving is to notice that these products have been used in the room by the housekeeping staff. You can avoid such a situation by explaining your sensitivities to the front desk, and then asking that commercial cleaning products aren't used to prepare your room. In many cases, simply wiping down surfaces with a rag soaked in vinegar will disinfect them without triggering your sensitivities.

Air Fresheners

Sometimes, hotel housekeepers will use air fresheners in rooms to ensure that they smell fresh for new guests who are checking in. This can take place, for example, if a room smells stale after a certain guest, or perhaps smells like pungent food if the previous guest was cooking in the kitchenette. While many guests will appreciate this pleasant scent, it won't work for you if you suffer from environmental sensitivities. Simply ask the front desk clerk to pass along word to the housekeeping staff that you'd prefer that air fresheners aren't used in your room in advance of your arrival.