Check In Advance If Your Extended Stay Hotel Has These Kitchen Items

4 October 2017
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One of the best things about spending time with your family at an extended stay hotel is being able to cook for yourself. At other hotels, you'll either need to eat in area restaurants or in the hotel's restaurant, but the full kitchen that is present in many extended stay hotels means that you'll enjoy home-cooked food for the entirety of your stay. You'll commonly find that while extended stay hotel rooms have kitchens, some of them are completely stocked and some are not. Before you leave home for the hotel, make sure to check in advance of these kitchen-related items are available.

Pots And Pans

You won't get too far in the kitchen without a selection of pots and pans, and it's ideal if your extended stay hotel provides these items for its guests. It might not always be practical or favorable to pack up pots and pans from home before your trip, so checking that the hotel has a couple frying pans and a couple pots of varying sizes will generally permit you to cook what you wish during your stay.

Small Appliances

You already likely know that your extended stay hotel has a fridge and freezer, stove, and oven in each suite. However, you should also confirm which small appliances are present, as they may be handy for preparing meals or snacks. Some extended stay hotels have microwaves, toasters, and even small toaster ovens for their guests' use. Knowing that these appliances are present will allow you to tailor your meal planning accordingly.

Serving Dishes

You should also confirm if your extended stay hotel provides serving dishes for its guests, and which types of dishes are available. Plates, bowls, and even glasses and coffee mugs are all common at some establishments, which will save you from having to buy plastic dishes on your trip.

Cleaning Supplies

Although the hotel's housekeeping service will tidy up your room each day of your stay and after you check out, you should take ownership over maintaining a tidy kitchen yourself. To do so, you'll need a few simple cleaning supplies that your extended stay hotel may provide. Confirm if dish soap, washing rags, drying towels, and other related cleaning supplies are available in each of the rooms. You'll often find that this is the case, which will save you having to use the soap from the bathroom and a bath towel to wash and dry your cookware.