How To Prepare For A Future That Doesn't Involve College Attendance

4 October 2017
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You might be a person who absolutely loves to sit in a classroom, take notes, prepare for tests, and then do it all over again day after day. On the other hand, when you graduated from high school, you might have realized that, unless you had the desire, you would never have to worry about receiving accreditation for classes. If you are wondering which careers you can have without attending a college or a university, from being an entrepreneur to learning hotel management, here are some ideas that might help you to prepare for a future that doesn't involve college attendance:

Do You Want To Be An Entrepreneur?

  • Do you have special skills?
  • For example, are you an excellent car mechanic?
  • Are you a gifted artist?
  • For instance, is your art good enough to sell in galleries?

One clue that you might be very successful working for yourself is if people come to you to receive your service as something like a car mechanic. Or, if you are an artist and people are already commissioning you to do paintings or sculptures for them, then you might be very successful being your own boss. 

Do You Have The Gift Of Being Excellent With People?

  • A career in hotel management might be a perfect fit for you.
  • You can start by being a clerk in a hotel in your area.
  • Express an interest to your boss about staying in the hotel business.
  • Consider the fact that you might have to relocate every few years.

While you probably won't have to attend college classes to work in the hotel industry, there will more than likely be training that involves classroom learning. In a classroom setting, you may learn the different parts of hotel work. For example, you will learn what a concierge's duties are. You will also probably be trained in what a hotel caterer does and what the service people in a hotel do. In other words, you will learn every facet of what makes a hotel run successfully. Consider taking classes to learn a second or third language. In the hotel industry, you might have the opportunity to work in hotels all over the world.

As you ponder what your future career will be, consider talking to people in different work fields. Find out how much they like their occupations. Find out what kind of training they needed and how long the training took. Contact a company like Integrity Hotel Partners for more information and assistance.