Check To See If Your Hotel Offers These Various Types Of Conference Facilities

12 October 2017
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When you think of a hotel conference room, you might often picture a large room that has tables and chairs, as well as audio/video equipment. While most hotels that offer conference facilities will have one or more of these types of rooms available for people to rent, many hotels that advertise their conference facilities may have a variety of other types of rooms and areas that you can book. It's advantageous to consider the type of meeting that you'll be holding at the hotel, and then evaluate whether you want to do it in a room that is a little different. Here are some options that you may consider:

Theater-Style Room

Some hotels have one or more theater-style rooms that you can book for your event. Such rooms have sloped seating, a stage at the front of the room, and are often equipped with a large screen and a projector. This type of room can be conducive to several different types of work-related gatherings. It's an obvious choice if you'll be reviewing a lot of videos with your group, but can be worthwhile even if you never plan to dim the lights and turn on the projector. The different room layout, for example, can be a nice change for people who are accustomed to sitting in boardrooms.

Garden Area

Many hotels with conference facilities offer gathering areas that aren't even inside. For example, a hotel may have a garden area that can be set up with tables, chairs, a podium, a sound system, and more. In many cases, such an area will be surrounded by hedges or fences so that those who use the space will have a high degree of privacy. This type of setup can be a valuable idea for those looking to change the dynamic of their gathering — getting your group out into the fresh air can make the event a little more interesting and can potentially encourage more interaction as your participants should ideally feel more energized by this change of venue.

Covered Patio

Another outside location to inquire about is a covered patio. Many hotels also offer this type of meeting environment to their patrons. Like the garden area, it can be pleasant for your group due to the fresh air that it offers. This venue may be more suitable in hotter climates in which shade is necessary. The hotel staff can set up the patio however you need it, whether it's rows of chairs for a lecture-style event or small tables with four or five chairs at each for an event in which the participants will be working in small groups.

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