3 Tips For Picking Dates For A Cheap Hotel Stay

27 August 2019
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If you are planning on staying at a hotel sometime soon but haven't chosen your dates for your stay just yet, then you might be wondering which dates you should go with. You could be concerned about how much it will cost to stay in a hotel, but you should know that dates typically have a big impact. By choosing the right dates, you might be able to significantly slash the cost of staying in a hotel that would otherwise be expensive. These tips will help you pick dates for a cheap hotel stay.

1. Go During the Off-Season

First of all, you should know that some cities and towns don't really have a tourist season and an off-season. Bigger cities or cities in areas with milder climates, for example, might be busy all year long. Many other areas, though, do have distinct tourist seasons. For example, many beach towns are popular during the late spring and the summer. If you book your room during the off-season, then you can often score very cheap rates.

2. Stay On a Sunday

In many destinations, rates for Friday and Saturday night stays are the most expensive. This is particularly true in many tourist destinations. In many bigger cities where a lot of business is conducted, weeknights can be expensive as well. For many hotels in many places, though, Sunday night stays are the most affordable.

3. Make Sure There Are No Events in Town

Lastly, you should make sure that you pick a time when there are no major events going on in the town that you are visiting. For example, you might want to avoid visiting a city when there is a major business convention going on. You may want to avoid visiting a tourist destination during a festival or concert that you are not personally interested in attending. In addition to saving money by skipping these busy dates, you can also avoid the hassle and the crowds that can go along with major events.

Hotel costs can vary a lot from night to night and week to week. If you know when to plan for your stay, then you can look for the most reasonable hotel rates. This can help you enjoy a vacation at a hotel that you can really enjoy, and it can help you leave money in your travel budget for dining, visiting tourist attractions, and more.

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