3 Ways A Bed And Breakfast Differs From A Hotel

18 January 2022
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Finding suitable accommodations is a major undertaking when you are traveling. Many people immediately turn to hotels when they need a place to stay, but there are other options available.

If you have never considered booking a stay at a bed and breakfast, you could be missing out on some unique experiences that will lead to lasting memories.

To truly appreciate why a bed and breakfast is a great option, you need to understand how these establishments differ from hotels.

1. Intimate Setting

Hotels are great when you want a lot of privacy. You can go an entire stay without having to talk to another guest when booking a hotel. For some, this lack of interpersonal contact may not be so appealing.

All of the guests in a bed and breakfast stay in close proximity to each other, and the innkeepers. This intimate setting allows you to get to know your fellow travelers on a more personal level.

You will have the chance to make lifelong friendships when you choose to book your stay at a bed and breakfast.

2. Structured Activities

The innkeepers in charge of a bed and breakfast usually offer a daily schedule that is filled with structured activities. These activities can range from crafting or card games to tours of local landmarks. All guests have the option of participating in these activities, often at no additional cost.

If you are the kind of person who struggles to decide what you want to do while on vacation, a stay in a bed and breakfast gives you access to a pre-planned schedule that eliminates a lot of the stress associated with planning your vacation.

If you do decide that you want to strike out on your own, someone at the bed and breakfast will be able to provide you with a list of options that only the locals may know about.

3. Home-Cooked Breakfast

As the name implies, you get both a bed to sleep in and a hearty breakfast each morning when you book your stay at a bed and breakfast.

Some hotels offer continental breakfast to their guests, but these generic spreads cannot compare to the home-cooked breakfast that you will receive at a bed and breakfast.

Travelers often find that they are able to reduce the amount of money they spend on food throughout their stay because the home-cooked breakfast they receive at a bed and breakfast allows them to stay full throughout the day.

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